Beard Transplant Turkey

Beard Transplant Turkey A beard transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure in which the patient’s capillary density is increased in the beard, moustache and sideburns area if desired, in order to improve the volume, define and enhance facial appearance when there is uneven hair growth.

In recent years, it has become so popular that even famous soccer player Lionel Messi had a beard transplant.

How is beard transplant done?

The beard transplant is performed hair by hair. Accordingly,  it is necessary to extract the hair follicle units from the donor area, the back area of ​​the head to the crown. At Micro Fue Turkey this procedure is only performed with the DHI technique in order to obtain optimal results.

In the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), thanks to the use of a medical instrument called an “implanter”, the follicles are placed one by one directly into the treatment area, without the need to open micro-channels so as with the FUE method.

Beard transplant steps

At Micro Fue Turkey, patients initially have a personal consultation with the doctor to evaluate the donor area and the recipient area to see their eligibility for a beard transplant. This allows us to have an estimation about how many follicles are needed and how many can be extracted to achieve desired results. 

Next, the design of the beard and moustache is made according to the preferences and needs of the patient. It is crucially important to have a harmony with the facial structure, ethnic origin and age of the patient when designing a beard pattern. 

In the operating room, the follicles are extracted first. Then the extracted follicles are implanted in the beard and mustache area according to where the patient wants to increase the volume of his facial hair. The entire intervention is performed under local anesthesia and soft sedation if the patient prefers.

Beard Transplant Turkey
Beard Transplant Turkey