Bodrum Fishing

Bodrum Fishing

Welcome to your holiday, after months of hectic hard work, it’s your time to enjoy.
But hang on, what are we going to do? So many excursions so many amazing places to go visit, and of course the beach and seashore.

But you rush around everyday , don’t you deserve a relaxing , pleasant day?

Why not join us for a beautiful day on the glassy waters of the agean sea, no rushing no bustle, we will collect you from the hotel, and drop you off by your boat, and take you for a relaxing day fishing, don’t worry if you are a novice , it’s your day to enjoy, and if you catch some good sized fish, you can take them home with you , to be cooked for your dinner.

What a great story when you return home about the fish you and the family caught, and had cooked for your evening dinner.

Your day begins at 10 am and you return after a great day at 5pm, don’t forget your sun cream and a hat to keep you comfortable in the warm Turkish sunshine. Ahhh bliss , tomorrow we might try jetski ,no fish for dinner but then your whizzing over their heads.

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