Bodrum Flyboard

Bodrum Flyboard

Everyone enjoys the sea, a paddle swim , boat ride or banana. There’s something for everyone in the warm and clear waters.

How do you feel about taking things to a whole new level?

Literally, a whole new level!

The newest and most exciting thing ,this year is here.

The fly board. Now you can really put your skills to the test, trying out this awsome new experience.

Strap yourself on to this amazing adventure, see how quickly you can master new tricks, soar above the sea on a jet of water, see how high you can get, dive like a dolphin coming out of the water like an athlete and diving back in under power, impress your friends with your skills, this is one holiday adventure you’ll never forget.
Book now for the ride of your life ,all in the beautiful warm waters of the Aegean Sea.

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