Bodrum Horse Riding

Bodrum Horse Riding

If you are a horse lover then this trip is just right for you! After a quick tutorial on basic horsemanship, you’ll be off with a guide and the rest of your group on a picturesque trip up steep paths, and across rugged terrain that’s only suitable for horses. Don’t forget to take your camera with you, you can catch the beautiful scenery of Bodrum peninsula along the way!

Why Should You Take A Horseriding Trip?

Horseback riding can be exciting, fun, and liberating at the same time. It’s an experience that gives you superpowers and connects you to one of the world’s most majestic creatures. Riding can be relaxing or even therapeutic. Working with animals tests you in many ways and gives you the chance to practice patience and agility.

Hey, many studies have shown that horseback riding is beneficial for cognitive and psychological processes. Working with a live animal is a complex and rewarding process, with each journey providing a different experience than the last. Riding is not a static activity, it is full of nuances, everything affects the experience; weather, mood, horse mood, level of expertise, etc!

Horses can gallop much faster than we walk or run, so we can cover large areas in a short time. Horseback riding allows us to enjoy the stunning scenery of nature and its fantastic views while giving us a workout. Maintaining balance and core strength is key when riding, this allows you to stay in control and focus on the road ahead while keeping your core and lower half engaged. Riding a horse opens your eyes to the world. The experience of riding and getting to know them makes you appreciate nature’s excellent evolutionary methods. And most importantly, without a doubt, horseback riding is fun. Riders feel more excitement and pleasure in each lesson they attend.

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