Dalyan Excursion

Dalyan Excursion

Dalyan Excursion Distance to Dalyan is 285 km from Bodrum. Our departure is at 06.00 from your hotel and journey is planned to take around 3 hours along one of the most scenic routes in south west Aegean Region. We will stop for breakfast near Muğla 3 hours from departure, breakfast is extra.

We will get on board the boats once we arrive in Dalyan and start our journey towards İztuzu the most beautiful beaches if Dalyan and have 1 hour swim break there. After some 45 minutes boat journey we will stop half way and have lunch in of the best restaurants on the river coast.

Following lunch we will get onboard the boats again and sail by the most famous rock tombs along the riverside and take photos.
We will then reach the mud baths and termals for another 30 minutes. We will start our return journey from Dalyan at around 17.30 and arrive back in Bodrum after 3 hours.

Dalyan is a town near Ortaca of Mugla province.Dalyan river delta is formed by million years of tectonic movements of the earth around the region.It is one of the unique eco systems in the world.

East and west of the delta is covered by the mountains covered by forests.River that connects the Koycegiz lake to the sea is some 12 km and with its 3-5 m high sage and reed beds forms a very attractive labirent and flows to the sea.

Well known to bird watchers the region offers many wild-life animals and sea turtles unique to this region.

Dalyan Excursion
Duration: 06.00-20.00
Start-Finish: Bodrum-Bodrum
Accommodation: No Accommodation
Date: Thursday-Sunday
Min-Max Group: 1-120
Tour price: 40 €

Dalyan is a town in Muğla Province located between the districts of Marmaris and Fethiye on the south-west coast of Turkey. The town is an independent municipality, within the administrative district of Ortaca.

Dalyan achieved international fame in 1987 when developers wanted to build a luxury hotel on the nearby İztuzu Beach, a breeding ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle species. The incident created major international storm when David Bellamy championed the cause of conservationists such as June Haimoff, Peter Günther, Nergis Yazgan, Lily Venizelos and Keith Corbett. The development project was temporarily stopped after Prince Philip called for a moratorium and in 1988 the beach and its hinterland were declared a protected area, viz. Köyceğiz-Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area.

Life in Dalyan revolves around the Dalyan Çayı River which flows past the town. The boats that ply up and down the river, navigating the maze of reeds, are the preferred means of transport to local sites.