Ephesus Tour

Ephesus Tour

Your enjoying a wonderful holiday,beautiful beaches warm crystal clear waters and amazing water sports and every kind of nightlife you could ever dream of.

Now how about some really amazing culture to make your holiday even more full?

A day trip to the incredible Ephesus,this is an entire city once buried completely by an earthquake back in the late 1930s an archeological dig suddenly came across some ruins, since then , it’s been being dug out of the ground, what was and continues to be unearthed is simply unbelievable ,you have to see it to believe it.

Thousands of years old and the technology of the day is almost beyond belief, running water , public buildings the extraordinary beautiful library and just wait till you see the amphitheatre,the vast size is difficult to describe, holding as many as .in modern times even sir Elton John has performed here to a full house.

When this incredibly interesting city was being dug out, some pieces were found to be missing or destroyed , but the descion was made to rebuild some parts using modern stone and concrete but it was not attempted to blend in it is obvious that it’s been reconstructed with modern replacement so you can see the structure that’s real and what has been repaired it just shows how impressive the original works are.

The entire day begins with your being collected from your hotel, and go on a very beautiful and picturesque journey by coach to this amazing place, your journey takes you over the mountains and brings you into view of the most beautiful bays enroute a truly wonderful excursion culminating in the jewel in the archeological crown.you will marvel at the wonders on view today from the stunning mosaics , the buildings and to learn about the social culture of life in this incredible beautiful city when it was inhabited.

A full and interesting day for all to marvel at, don’t forget to take a hat because it’s still going to be a glorious and warm day for you to enjoy.

Also on this trip for a small extra charge you can visit the house of the Virgin Mary,this is where Mary went to live after Jesus was crucified, it holds a very special atmosphere that everyone who visits speak about ,a simply wonderful extra experience for all to witness.

This trip is also available as a two day excursion ,after Ephesus you can if you wish go on to spend the night at a hotel ready for the next days visit to pamukkale called locally as cotton candy mountain where the incredible natural site of the pools in a pure white rocks and salt is a natural wonder that is quite breathtaking in its beauty how it came about is a story in its self.

So a one or two day trip full of the most incredible wonder your ever likely to encounter, all over Turkey you will find the most incredible history and interest at every turn some incredible historical buildings in the most unexpected places showing the true culture of this incredible country, and by the way it’s closer than you might think, just go into the local supermarket on the outskirts of gumbet and inside you’ll see the incredible sarcophagus that was unearthed when the buildings were being constructed,rather than being destroyed it was incorporated into the fabric of the building so nothing is ever lost .

An amazing country with wonderful people and culture at every turn. Turkey a truly magical country for everyone to enjoy.

Travel Styles

12 hours

Tour Type
City trips

Group Size
20 persons

Cultural Tour & Excurisons